Saturday, June 8, 2013

Enjoying the Garden Blooms

It’s been a whole month since my last post, but the fact is I’m quite busy. 

Summer is the busiest time for my family because of all the outdoor activities such as taking kids to the swimming pool, picnics, hiking and forest walks, going to the beach, as well as small travels to visit extended family... Oh, and I do a lot of crocheting too!

This year I’m not spending as much time gardening as I did in the previous years, but nonetheless my yard rewards me with some beautiful flowers to enjoy.

The best time to be in the garden is after the sunset as the air cools down and the life around is slowing down as well. I like just to sit on my patio for a short while and simply take pleasure in all things blooming in the yard.


A Kitchen Witch said...

Those are lovely blooms. : )

Dewberry said...

I love the flowers you grow in your garden. They're lovely!

Betty said...

Your flowers look so lovely. It is great that you are spending time with your family. They grow up so fast.

Bettina Bäck said...

The best moment of the day, that i is (for me). Just some silence, and the garden too rest my eyes on. :-)

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Olga,
This is the most precious time of the year for spending outdoors with your little ones and for tending to the garden. As you show with your beautiful photos; it has been rewarding!

Mindy said...

So, so pretty. You know, I don't have a single delphinium, agapanthus, OR gladiola?! So I'm definitely living vicariously through yours.
Sounds like you're having a good summer so far. I say, stay away from the computer as much as you can and enjoy it! :)

Karen Frost said...

Beautiful blooms, Olga and so nice to spend time with precious family and then take a moment to enjoy it all at the end of the day! xoxo

Olive said...

I love the foxglove Olga.

Manuela said...


What beautiful flowers! It's a pleasure to see these photos.


Janneke said...

I came along your blog and saw your beautiful summer flowers, and indeed sunset is about the quietest and most lovely time of the day, but mostly I fall asleep at that time, haha, because I also like the sunrise and that is very early in the morning here in Europe. I will be a new follower.

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